WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
Only for adults. Anyone below the age of 21 is prohibited from buying e-cigarette.

AEGIS Series – The Most Durable Vape Booster

AEGIS Series – The Most Durable Vape Booster



    Unlock The Legendary



    Go Wild with Nano

  • Geekvape H45 Classic

    Geekvape H45 Classic

    Classic HERO Packs a Punch.

  • Geekvape B100 Kit

    Geekvape B100 Kit

    New Tri-Proof. New Boost Pro.

  • GEEKVAPE L200 Classic

    GEEKVAPE L200 Classic

    New Legend 2. New Power Beast.

  • Geekvape E100 & E100i Kit

    Geekvape E100 & E100i Kit

    Once Try, Forever Eteno.

  • Geekvape T200

    Geekvape T200

    The Smartest Touch Vape Ever.

  • Geekvape B60

    Geekvape B60

    New Tri-proof. Empower Boost.

  • Geekvape Max100 Kit

    Geekvape Max100 Kit

    New Tri-proof, New Aegis Max.

  • Geekvape AP2

    Geekvape AP2

    New Tri-proof. New Aegis Pod.



    New Tri-proof. New HERO

  • Geekvape ONE

    Geekvape ONE

    First Vape Pen with New Aegis Design.

  • Geekvape 1FC

    Geekvape 1FC

    World's First Fast Charging Vape Pen

  • Geekvape B100 21700 Kit

    Geekvape B100 21700 Kit

    Pro 4 Pro.

  • Geekvape M100

    Geekvape M100

    New tri-proof, now in mini.

  • Geekvape S100

    Geekvape S100

    New tri-proof has the Solo.

  • Geekvape L200

    Geekvape L200

    Legend Leaps,Aegis Legend 2.

  • Geekvape Nano

    Geekvape Nano

    Four in Full Will.

  • Aegis Boost Pro

    Aegis Boost Pro

    Four in Full Will.

  • Aegis Boost LE Bonus Kit

    Aegis Boost LE Bonus Kit

    More Flavors Await.

  • Aegis Hero

    Aegis Hero

    Top Airflow Top Performance